Don’t rush selecting paper trimmers

Don’t rush selecting paper trimmers

Selecting the right paper trimmers for an office, business, or your home is important to ensure that the documents can be cut to the right size and have the best finish. Choose the wrong device and you may not be able to trim to the right size and fit the materials in the relevant folders. You may also have to deal with jagged, uneven edges that don’t look very nice.

Before you select a trimmer you need to determine your needs, including the size of paper you will be looking to trim. This will help you to narrow down the field to those devices that are able to provide the results you want. It is also good idea to start thinking about your budget and the volume of materials you will need to deal with.

Generally when people come to purchasing paper trimmers they simply look for cost effective models or those from manufacturers they recognise. Both of these options could result in you selecting the wrong device. You should look closer at your needs and ensure you make the right choice.

One thing you should definitely consider is where the device will be used. Safety is important and you won’t want to have trimmers and guillotines in an area where they could be harmful to inhabitants of the property. If the trimmer is to go in a public area where many people will be able to use it you should make sure it has the right safety features. Alternatively if the device is for your home to you really need a top of the line, commercial model?

A final factor to think about is what materials will be getting cut. Some paper trimmers will work perfectly with various grades of paper and card whereas others will struggle when working with thicker materials and multiple sheets. Make sure you are clear on what you want to cut from the outset.

At OM Binding Supplies we have a selection of high quality paper trimmers on offer, including options to suit almost any kind of need. If you want any advice from us before purchasing we will be happy to provide it. Our focus will always be on helping you to get the best results and stick to your budget.

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