There’s more to the film than just its type

There’s more to the film than just its type

Our company is one that specialises in offering its customers top calibre office utensils, all of which are designed to make your working lives more manageable. With documentation, one subject that tends to come up is that of protection, particularly against moisture and wear from frequent handling. This is why we have taken it upon ourselves to supply you with laminating film will safeguard your work against the likes of staining and wear and tear. Coming in a multitude of sizes, our films are able to meet a plethora of remarkable specifications.

Assuming that you already own the roll laminator, the next step for you is to procure the right type of film in order to complete the finishing work. Low melt variants are the ones that we are most familiar with; we have quite the range available on our website.

Low melt is a kind of thermal laminating film that offers the owner the crystal clear results of thermal laminating, but possesses a lower melting point than your typical design. Usually, the temperature melting point of these films lies somewhere between 180 and 230°F. In terms of applications, low film is useful for digital and offset prints, commercial artwork, and ink jet media.

Apart from selecting the proper variety of film, other things you must pay attention to are the film’s thickness, as well as its core sizes, and the width. If you are going for professional results, obtaining a film that is well suited to your laminator’s conditions is paramount. The laminator that you are utilising shall decide on what the total width of your film will be, but you won’t want to invest in those that are wider than your mechanism’s topmost width laminating ability.

At OM Binding Supplies, the low melt gloss films that we provide give a shiny and bright finish that amplifies the colours of your images. In addition, the films come in 25mm and 75mm core sizes, which enable them to fit into all of the primary brand devices, giving you finishes that are both fashionable and functional.

If our laminating film interest you and you’d like further information, feel free to ask us anything about them.

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