Why is coil binding held in such high regard?

Why is coil binding held in such high regard?

Keeping your documentation safe and tidy is essential, especially if it’s used for work purposes. To help you achieve this, we stock top of the range coil binders in addition to numerous other forms of binding products. Reasonably priced and available in a myriad of sizes, we have a binder to suit any situation.

Coil, or spiral binding as it is also known, is a very common method of securing multiple sheets of paper together. Those documents that are bound with spirals are able to open flat on desks and provide you with easy note taking capabilities thanks to their 360-degree rotation. Due to their durability, coil binders are perfect if you intend to mail your documentation to someone.

As mentioned above, spiral binding offers 360 degree opening. Books bound in this way fold all the way back and yet still manage to stay flat, allowing for easy referencing whilst taking up a minimal amount of room on the surface.

As such, this approach is a brilliant choice when working with proposals, reports, instruction manuals and cookbooks. Travel guides and atlases are also typically bound spirally, so that they’re simpler to work with while on the move. Additionally, since they open fully, it prevents important information being buried near the spine.

When someone opens them, the pages of a book bound with coil binders rotate around with low resistance levels, meaning that they possess no spiral tension. This means that pages can stay where they are without you having to hold them open repeatedly to view them. As you might be aware, wall calendars make use of these binders so that they can be flipped with ease and can hang flat due to the lack of tension.

At OM Binding Supplies we have a selection of coil binders available, all of which match up brilliantly with A4 paper. In terms of size, they start from 6mm and go up to 32mm. You can choose clear, black or white for the colour. If you are interested in our merchandise, please do get in touch.

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