Should I pick a guillotine or a paper trimmer?

Should I pick a guillotine or a paper trimmer?

Ever since the company was started, our goal has been to supply first class office utensils to our customers. Guillotines for instance are extremely handy for when you have to cut a multitude of papers at once. Appropriate for use with papers of varying sizes, our equipment can meet a myriad of customer requirements.

When it comes to paper cutters, one of the most common questions asked is; what differences are there between a paper trimmer and a guillotine? Each one has its own special uses depending on the application. Certain variants are designed to only handle smaller loads of paper, whilst others are able to cut higher stacks. After determining what projects require completing, it’s imperative that you select the correct model. This can mean the difference between a professionally done presentation and a rushed job.

Starting with the guillotine, this is a multi-purpose mechanism which is typically accurate when cutting massive amounts of paper. From general office work to crafting, this type of equipment possesses a plethora of uses. They tend to come equipped with a long blade arm that permits you to pull downwards for cutting things in a shearing fashion. When being used for business, the majority of professional guillotines are created to not only cut numerous papers at once, but also endure prolonged usage.

Trimmers on the other hand instead make use of a rotary blade. This generally resides a rail and cuts paper from each side. These tools are much better off for thinner and lower volume paper products. They are revered for their preciseness and can be used for cutting delicate documents.

At OM Binding Supplies the guillotines that we stock are available in a number of variations, including 255 x 350mm, 305 x 425mm and 330 x 480mm. All are useful in their own respects but if you are uncertain as to which best suits your specifications, contact us and we’ll offer you assistance. With our help you may find you are better off with a paper trimmer.

We are always willing to provide help when it’s needed the most.

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