Plastic Coil / Spiral Binding

Plastic Coil / Spiral Binding

Spiral binding is often called Coil Binding, Plastic Coil, Plastikoil or EZ Coil. We stock a large range of spiral binding supplies in several colours and diameters up to 50mm in A5, A4 & A3

Using a spiral coil binding machine you can add energy and colour to any business document. Your pages can rotate 360 degrees allowing the document to be folded back on itself or opened flat. Plastic spirals are virtually indestructible making it a perfect solution if the documents are intended for mailing.

Spiral Binding is suitable for binding documents up to 28mm in thickness

Page amount guides for spiral binding

  • 6mm – 30 pages
  • 8mm – 50 pages
  • 10mm – 70 pages
  • 14mm – 110 pages
  • 18mm – 145 pages
  • 22mm – 190 pages
  • 28mm 250 pages

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