Choosing the right paper trimmer to maximise efficiency and accuracy

Choosing the right paper trimmer to maximise efficiency and accuracy

Despite the fact that binding is in our name, we are actually capable of supplying a host of other products to our customers. Amongst our stock sits a ready supply of paper trimmers, the perfect tool for when you need to alter the size of sheets. Suitable for office and home use, our apparatus’ should always be considered if you need quality equipment for a great price.

With the sheer number of paper trimmers and the myriad of sizes that they come in, it can be difficult to choose one that matches your requirements. The easiest solution would be to go for the most popular and best-rated trimmer from a well-established manufacturer; however, this may end up being a waste of money. To make certain that you’re getting the most from your purchase, take your time and look at all the options available.

Ask yourself if you are planning to use your trimmer regularly at work or at home in a more limited capacity. If you are intending the latter going for expensive equipment may be too much. Cheaper variations will be good enough for more occasional usage. If your paper trimmer will see regular use within the workplace, then you may wish to spend a little extra to get quality. Unless you want to go through the hassle of replacing the cutter every time it wears out, opt for a heavier duty device.

Something else that will determine what model you buy is what you intend to cut. If it’s just a case of cutting up small quantities of paper, a cheaper cutter will suffice. For large amounts of laminate, card or other tough materials, heavy duty trimmers are more appropriate.

At OM Binding Supplies, we have quite the selection of paper trimmers available. Suitable for numerous types of papers, our trimming tools are some of the finest in the industry. If you would like additional information about our products or us, feel free to contact us anytime.

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