How can I tell the difference between wire and spiral binding?

How can I tell the difference between wire and spiral binding?

Providing our customers with a first-rate service is something we have always strived to do at OM Binding and this is reflected in our products. Designed to make your documents all the more presentable, our merchandise is the way forward if you are looking to impress. Very well priced and coming in a multitude of sizes, our wire binders are just one variant that we have to offer.

One of the common questions that are asked when it comes to binding is what the difference is between wire and spiral. Beginning with wire binding, this is one way to secure a set of pages or paper together in order to make them appear more orderly.

When people opt for this approach, they are doing so because it gives far more professional looking results than most other methods. Since the primary material used to comprise the binders is metal, typical uses include documentation for work, and formal conferences and presentations.

With spiral binding, a plastic coil or wire is normally inserted into holes that are present alongside the edges of your paper. This variety is mostly utilised for catalogues, booklets and other documents that need to remain flat. The main difference with this variant when compared to wire binders is that they provide a much greater level of durability.

To summarise, wire binders are useful when you need something to look more professional and spiral binding is manufactured with durability in mind. Neither one is inferior however, as they both perform brilliantly in terms of their respective strengths.

At OM Binding Supplies our wire binders come in a slew of colours and sizes to suit your requirements. It is often the case that customers have a hard time deciding which size suits them the best, so if you are having trouble too, let us know and we’ll point you in the right direction. We’re always willing to help should you need us.

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