Binding your external documentation is the way to impress

Binding your external documentation is the way to impress

Our business is one that specialises in providing an impressive range of binding related merchandise. With such quality products like Renz binding machines at your disposal, professionally organising and presenting your documentation has never been easier. Available in multiple designs, we’re confident that you’ll find the device that you are looking for.

Binders are always nice to have, but a binding machine can provide even more value. Aside from creating the occasional presentation every now and then, they can also be a way to organise materials used on a daily basis. Not only is this true for internal documents, but external ones as well.

Proposals are one such external document. If new business quotes are bound it showcases your professionalism and increases the likelihood that they shall be read. This can make you stand out from the competition.

Business plans are another interesting external document that can be bound. This can help in organising and structuring your strategies. This will produce a clear, concise and comprehensive document, and since all companies are a work in progress, altering your plans is simple with a binding mechanism.

A well thought out PowerPoint presentation might be enough to impress clients, but if you work to reinforce it with a bound version it’ll leave a lasting impression. Again this can make you stand out.

For leave-behinds, supplying detailed information to potential customers is essential, but so is maintaining costs. If you create a bound leave-behind that looks professional for sales visits and trade functions, it communicates your value to others without having to spend lucrative amounts on costly printing.

At OM Binding Supplies we stock a range of Renz binding machines that include the ECO E, ECL 360, ECL 700, and many more. Each apparatus is able to fulfil unique requirements and are ideal for home and office use. If you would like us to discuss our merchandise in greater detail, feel free to contact us.

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