The potential of the HT 330 series

The potential of the HT 330 series

Specialising in supplying a range of office merchandise, ours is a company that strives to make organising space a far simpler affair. Stocking a very broad range of materials and machinery, including the likes of laminating machines, we’re confident that we have something suitable for every situation. With the multitude of designs on offer we can fulfil many different requirements.

Included within our collection is the popular HT 330 series of laminating machines, each of which comes with its own unique characteristics. The HT 330 Dual for example provides permanent protection to your documentation, making it durable, tear resistant, tamper proof, and dust repellent with crisper shades for a more professional yet attractive appearance.

The versatility of the above machine makes it ideal for consistent copy shop and office usage. Two heated rollers, alongside an additional plate heater, offer supreme laminating results up to 250 mic in film thickness. Adjustable temperatures are available for each thickness level and LEDs are used to tell you when it is in the warm-up and ready stages.

Should the mechanism remain non-operational for half an hour after warming up, temperatures are lowered automatically to 50/60°C. This helps to save energy and boosts safety. If this happens, simply press the on button to heat it back up to the most recently set temperature.

The HT 330 P also offers permanent protection, but unlike the Dual model, this one focuses more on being compact. This heavy-duty machine is best suited towards professional applications and makes use of four heated rollers when producing laminated results. Also included with this variant is an adjustable laminating speed for every function setting and an optical speed indicator.

At OM Binding Supplies, we stock the HT 330 Dual and 330 P as well as the 330 L. Each one performs its task wonderfully, making them excellent choices when looking to protect your documents from harm.

If you are interested in laminating machines and would like further details on any of the ones we have to offer, we’d be happy to answer your questions.

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