An enduring and child friendly binding solution

An enduring and child friendly binding solution

If you are a person that works in an office environment, it is likely you know all too well how important it is to have a wonderfully presented document. Binding is the key to this, and we just happen to have an expansive collection of products in stock, including as the favourable coil binders. Available in an assemblage of sizes and colours, our products are both fashionable and functional.

Plastic coil binding, which also goes under the alias plastikoil, spiral and Koil, as well as various other names, is a quick and inventive strategy. For some reason, it hasn’t taken off so well in certain countries, which is quite surprising when you consider the advantages it possesses over a number of other methods. It’s a durable and cleverly crafted system that everyone should think about using if it suits their requirements.

One of the most vital things to note about this technique is that it’s safe for children. Plastic binding is a common occurrence in play areas, hospitals and schools, places where wire binding’s sharp edges are something of a risk. Thanks to the closed crimped and plastic ends of coil binders, any books that are bound this way are a sound choice for even the younger children.

Plastic coil is also a long lasting option. Some people have old books and manuals with this kind of binding, and they are still strong today. This is perfect for when you store away crucial documentation, knowing that you may have to bring it out later in order to reference it.

At OM Binding Supplies our A4 plastic spiral coil binders are created utilising only optimum materials. They are durable yet lightweight and flexible products, which are sure to serve your needs adequately. Furthermore, with sizes that range from 6mm to 32mm, they are also highly versatile.

If you wish to contact us to find out more about our merchandise, please feel free to do so.

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