Only one way is needed to bind 140 papers

Only one way is needed to bind 140 papers

Quality is something that we always put a firm emphasis on at our company. Whether it is Impressbind or Channelbind binding machines, supplies, or folders, we always deliver the very best for clients.

Impressbind binding machines are amongst our most popular devices. It is designed to bind large amounts of paper at once, making it far more efficient. Binding each sheet separately is a rather tedious undertaking, so the best approach is to use something that speeds up the process.

The Impressbind 140 is entry-level manual binding machine that’s able to bind a total of 140 sheets of 80gsm A4 paper, hence the name. This is quite the resilient binding system and is one that needs no special features whatsoever to create bound documents that are professionally presented. This can be done in 15 seconds or less and all you need to do is insert your papers into the cover and pull the lever down no more than four times. The result will be hassle free document binding.

The Impressbind 140 can be stored either horizontally or vertically with ease, meaning that it won’t take up a whole lot of space within the office or your home. The spine sizes range from 3.5mm up to 14mm, which makes this utensil the ideal binding partner when you require a bound professional finish. You can bind and unbind documents a maximum of three times, a handy trick for when you need to update or correct anything.

If you want larger devices we have the Impressbind 280 and heavy duty Channelbind binding machines too. Both have higher capacities and tick all of the right boxes. The Channelbind can also be used to unbind pages.

At OM Binding Supplies we work hard to deliver the perfect binding machines for our clients. They appreciate the effort we put in and the fact that we stock almost everything they need. On top of this our prices are fantastic too.

If you would like to go over your binding needs with us to ensure you choose the right devices please get in touch. We will be pleased to help.

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