Simple yet unique binding solutions

Simple yet unique binding solutions

The goal at our company has always been to provide our customers with a first class service. Specialising in binding merchandise, we stock quite the collection of binders and machinery. Supplying ImpressBIND/ChannelBIND binding machines, as well as devices by other leading names, we are the business to call when you want assurances on quality.

Channel binding mechanisms are not very complicated to use and enable you to bind an impressive amount of sheets within seconds. This solution is an ingenious and unique one that is typically far easier and quicker to operate than ones that are more conventional. They give book finishes that can only be described as perfect, making them the top pick for legal documents, conference packs, presentations, and so much more. In the end, the finished product shall look like a professionally bound document.

Only two binding processes exist here. All you must do is insert the paper into a cover of your choosing and press the clamp. The simplicity of this design cannot be called into question and once they have been bound, the papers shall not come loose. When you aren’t using it, your ChannelBIND machines can be stored away with ease, so there’s no worry about it getting in your way.

The ImpressBIND machine is another well-revered device that is known for creating professional and stylish presentations within seconds. This is all accomplished without the need for perforation, heat or glue. While your documents remain bound permanently, they can be opened and pages added or removed via the de-binding device.

At OM Binding Supplies, we supply ImpressBIND/ChannelBIND binding machines to our customers. Our merchandise includes the likes of the Heavy Duty CH6000, the 280 binder and de-binder, and a host of other goods as well. If our machines have caught your interest and you’d like additional information, please let us know.

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