Troubleshooting wire binding issues

Troubleshooting wire binding issues

If you are looking for first class office utensils you have come to the right place. Stocking an impressive collection of products, including the likes of wire binders, ours is a company that aims to make your working life easier by giving you an efficient way of binding together your documents. Complete with a nice price tag and multiple colour options, our products are the ones for you.

If your wire book binding project isn’t turning out the way it should don’t worry; it happens to the best of us. Even those with over a decade’s worth of experience behind them encounter some kind of trouble. The good news however is that the majority of these complications are none too difficult to rectify.

For anyone that is suffering from half-punched holes, chances are that you’re punching paper that’s either longer or shorter than the machine can manage. Alternatively, it could be that you have not adjusted the side margin properly. This is the easier problem to fix. All you need to do here is loosen and slide it over to the right or left until the half punched holes have been dealt with. Should the hole issue persist, you might have to purchase an apparatus that comes with a disengageable punching die. This shall enable you to immobilise the mechanism’s punching pins, alleviating the hole trouble.

If the pages are falling out after binding the wire may not have been closed adequately. Simply position the wire spine back into the instrument’s closer and close the wires some more to resolve this. If the pages refuse to turn the wire could have been closed too much, or the spine you are using is sized inadequately. Here, you must attain the proper size diameter or fine tune your wire so that it falls more in line with your device.

At OM Binding Supplies we stock 12 different sizes of wire binders in both A4 and A5 paper. This allows them to fulfil a multitude of requirements. Aside from ibico, these binders are compatible with every main brand binding machine and are nylon coated to give you a smooth page turning experience. If you would like additional details on our merchandise, feel free to contact us.

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