Binding is a great way to keep papers together

Binding is a great way to keep papers together

Binding is an effective way to keep a variety of documents together, from manuscripts to manifestos and research papers. Just think about notebooks and how much trickier it would be to keep everything organised if the sheets were loose. It would be easy to misplace things for one and also make looking for specific pages more time consuming.

To bind papers effectively you need to use the right equipment to ensure holes are placed correctly. On top of this you need the right binding supplies to physically keep the papers together. There are many different types of binders to choose from, including wire, coil and comb. They are all slightly different, most notably in terms of the positioning of the holes. The correct type needs to be used to suit the equipment being utilised.

There are a number of things to consider when deciding what type of binding to choose. Firstly it is wise to look at the amount of pages that you need to bind together. With wire binders you can typically bind between 1 and 350 sheets depending on the size you opt for. The diameters for coil binders range in size to allow from 31 to 265 pages. Comb binders can offer binding for 1 to 480 sheets.

On top of this you need to factor in the grade of the paper. Naturally if you choose thicker, higher grades you won’t be able to have as many pages in your binding. You need to adjust accordingly, either selecting a different style or a larger diameter.

Finally you should think of the aesthetics. Each style is slightly different in shape so the final look will be. Wire binders are popular because they are metal and available in a selection of colours. Coil and comb binders are plastic and similarly on offer in several shades.

At OM Binding Supplies we offer a wide selection of products to cater for all different requirements. We have wire, comb and coil binders on offer in a range of sizes and colours. We offer great prices and can satisfy orders of various sizes. If you have any questions please call for us.

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