Is there a difference between ream and stack cutters?

Is there a difference between ream and stack cutters?

Ours is a company that always strives to satisfy its customers and our high quality merchandise reflects this. Offering an extensive array of products, including the likes of ream cutters and various binding items, we’re confident that we have something to suit your requirements. Excellently priced and available in a multitude of sizes, our products are the ones you can rely on.

Ream cutters provide one with an excellent mixture of high-capacity paper cutting and affordability. Just in case you aren’t familiar with manually operated cutters, they are unique mechanisms that have been developed so that they are able to cut a substantial number of paper sheets at once. Normally, they include a sort of clamping apparatus, which works by keeping the paper nicely in place. They also tend to possess a long cutting handle, measuring about 2 to 3 feet long, that you pull downwards in order to cut.

At times, there are people who ask if there are any differences between a stack cutter and a ream cutter. This is a great question, as ream cutters are devices that have the ability to cut whole reams of paper, hence their name. An entire ream is roughly 500 sheets of regular copy paper, or two inches worth. Stack cutters are also manufactured to cut large volumes of paper, so the answer to the previous question is yes, but also no.

The difference here is that while certain stack cutters can cut reams of paper, other designs cannot. That’s not to say that they are useless however, as the majority of these utensils can cut several hundred paper sheets.

At OM Binding supplies, our ream cutters range from the 1210 x 630 x 820mm model to that of the 265 x 475 x 450mm variant. Ideal for the office or your workspace at home, these tools are what you need if you have to deal with massive amounts of paper. If our merchandise catches your attention and you’d like further details, we’d be happy to answer any questions.

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