The perfect tools for handling massive paper loads

The perfect tools for handling massive paper loads

Home and work office equipment is an area in which we specialise. This is showcased through our top-notch guillotines and ream cutters. Each product comes in a number of different forms to suit your specific workload, giving you the option to choose the ones that match up with your individual requirements. Reasonably priced and possessing excellent performance potential, our stock is designed to not let you down.

Developed for the purpose of cutting huge amounts of paper materials at once, the ream cutter is ideal when you have a massive task ahead of you. If you happen to find yourself with more paper than you know what to do with, your best bet is to invest in one of these cutters. With the spindle guided or flick action clamp, the once time-consuming method of cutting large volumes of paper becomes a simple job that can be done in minutes.

These easy to use mechanisms are high on the performance scale, leading to results that shall assist you in upping your business’ productivity. The cutting ability differs between each design but don’t worry, as every reamer of ours serves its purpose well.

A guillotine, not to be confused with the other apparatus of the same name, is a tool commonly placed in classrooms and offices for use in cutting larger sets of paper with a straight edge. Similar in function to ream cutters, the same amount of care must be taken, perhaps even more so with these models. The majority of guillotines come equipped with finger guards to prevent accidents, but incidents can still occur if adequate levels of care and attention aren’t practiced.

At OM Binding Supplies, we have a range of guillotines and ream cutters available for purchase. If you are unsure about which model is best for your particular needs, let us know and we’ll help you make a decision. For products of excellence and value, we are the company for you.

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