Can you write on laminating pouches?

Can you write on laminating pouches?

Laminating pouches come in a huge range of shapes and sizes to suit a variety of documents, from business cards to A3 posters and even larger materials. They can come with square or rounded edges and can be either self-adhesive or requiring the use of a pouch laminator machine. In addition they can also have two very different finishes; matte or gloss.

The finish you select should reflect the requirements for the document. If it needs to be smooth with a high, glossy look then it is easy to see which option to choose. Alternatively if you want something less reflective and with a textured finish matter is a better option.

One of the biggest things to think about is if you want to be able to write on the document once it is laminated. This is very difficult with gloss finish because it is so smooth. The end result is a lot of smudging and mess. On the other hand matte can be written on with ball-point pen and other writing implements. What has been written should look clear and be far less likely to smudge.

It is important to select the right laminating pouches for your needs. The sizing must be right to ensure they will encapsulate each document effectively, providing a smooth, even finish. It is also a good idea to ensure they have a good quality adhesive so that they won’t start to peel quickly after being put in place.

At OM Binding Supplies we have a lot of experience with laminating pouches because we stock such a wide range as well as the machines to install them. We have put the effort in to ensuring our range is the highest possible quality whilst also keeping a close eye on the price. The end result is we can offer great products for a cost effective price to suit any needs.

Whatever kind of device you use we are confident we have the right pouches for use with it. Gloss and matter finishes are available and there are plenty of different sizes to choose from too. Bulk orders are always welcome and we regularly supply to offices and commercial clients.

If you need any help deciding on products don’t hesitate to get in touch with us; we can always offer advice and recommendations.

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