Plastic binding covers are a document’s best friend

Plastic binding covers are a document’s best friend

Within the workplace, documentation always has to look presentable and professional. To help you in achieving this, we supply an array of products that not only make your documents look aesthetically pleasing, but also offer them a fair amount of protection at the same time. Binding covers are one such product and with a myriad of sizes available, we are certain that we have a cover that will suit your needs.

The main material used to manufacture our binding covers is PVC, widely recognised for its ability to satisfy a host of demanding requirements for various industries. Originally introduced as a replacement for natural rubber and glass for containers, its uses have expanded tremendously. There are some very good reasons as to why.

As a plastic substance, PVC binding covers can protect against moisture. Quite a substantial amount of time is put into the preparation of your documents. You need to write and edit, and then normally punch the holes in afterwards. The last thing you’ll want after all that is for everything to be ruined thanks to some spilled coffee or another type of liquid. Plastic covers are waterproof, meaning that your hard work will remain dry and intact.

A major disadvantage with paper is that it can be torn, leaving your documents in quite a bad state. This won’t exactly do you any favours if you’re aiming to impress. With a plastic cover however, the problem can be avoided entirely. These covers are highly durable and are ideal for those papers that must last and ones that you intend to handle frequently.

At OM Binding Supplies our covers are suitable for both A3 and A4 sized paper. Not only will they provide you with an excellent degree of protection, but their high clarity will provide a great finish. If our merchandise catches your interest and you’d like more information, we would be happy to answer any questions you might have.

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