Delving into the workings of laminating pouches

Delving into the workings of laminating pouches

Keeping the customers satisfied has always been the primary goal at our company and we seek to do this by offering them only the best quality merchandise. Our laminating pouches stand as a prime example and are ideal for objects of varying sizes, going all the way up to A2. Reasonably priced and available in numerous thicknesses, we are confident that they will serve you well.

You are probably already aware of this fact, but laminating is an outstanding way to make certain that display materials and documentation impress that all-important first time. Laminators are highly versatile by themselves, but in order to fully take advantage of your machine, the first thing you need to do is understand about laminating pouches.

The pouch which you choose to use can really change the final result, making it immensely crucial that you select the one most appropriately suited to your specifications.

In terms of thickness, this is measured in Microns and the thicker your pouch, the more rigid your final result will be. In addition to rigidity, a pouches’ thickness is also typically associated with the level of protection that it can provide. Our pouches begin at 150 microns thick and max out at 500 for gloss and 350 for matt finishes.

As far as finishes are concerned, gloss happens to be the most common with laminating pouches. The reason why is due to its status as a very flexible option that goes together well with the majority of laminating applications. Matt finishes are primarily used for menus since it’s not all that reflective. This makes it easier to read through.

At OM Binding Supplies we stock both gloss and matt finish laminating pouches. Ideal for a wide range of purposes, there isn’t much that our products cannot accomplish. If you are having a hard time deciding between different pouch styles or our other binding and lamination products, contact our team and we’ll assist you.

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