Don’t go overboard with your manual binding

Don’t go overboard with your manual binding

Something we’ve always strived to do at our company is provide customers with the finest binding products possible. Stocking an impressive collection of products, including the likes of comb binders, we are able to meet an array of customer specifications. Available in numerous sizes and colours, our binders fit in nicely with various types of documentation.

In order to bind the documents themselves, a type of binding machine is necessary. Comb binders, like other styles, have mechanisms that are dedicated to them. They come in automatic and manual variants to meet different needs. To help you get to grips with a manual model, should you choose one, we have come up with a set of tips that aim to make things easier.

Your apparatus will only be able to punch a specific number of papers at one time, known in technical terms as the punching capacity. One thing you must never do is exceed this. If you follow our advice, your holes should turn out neat and tidy. In addition, the machine’s punching dies shall remain nice and sharp, ready for the next punch.

When you are prepared to bind your document, separate it into smaller pieces. This will make things less strenuous for the instrument; it’s much simpler to insert the comb teeth through tinier paper stacks than larger ones. Once you open up your binding comb, be sure not to open it too far. Should you do this, there is a good chance that it’ll fly off the opener, which can make the whole process more problematic than it has to be.

At OM Binding Supplies we supply both the comb binders and the matching machines. An ideal binding solution when money is a little tight, this style can get the job done without taking too much from your wallet. Should you find yourself looking to invest in our merchandise, or would just like more information, be sure to get in touch with the team.

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