All you need to know about twin looping

All you need to know about twin looping

Supplying clients first-rate products has always been our ultimate goal. This is why we work so hard to ensure that every single range we offer satisfies our very high standards. Renz original cut wire binding solutions do just that. They have also been recognised by professionals across the country as a secure, smart, up-market method of presentation. Ideal for calendars and similar goods, these binders are perfect whenever you are in need of a 360-degree turn.

It’s no surprise that wire binding is one of the most popular methods of organising documents out there, especially when you discover all the unique advantages that it provides. Twin looping in particular has proven immensely successful and there is a multitude of reasons as to why you should utilise it for your own requirements.

To begin with, twin loops are resistant to tampering. Dissimilar to when you bind with coils, that are more appropriate for when your documentation needs to be constantly removed, twins require specialist equipment, both for unbinding and rebinding. This makes them more fitting for those important documents that must remain intact.

Any document with duo binders gives off a far more sophisticated and professional appearance that can’t be replicated easily. Alongside the tamper-proof properties that are present, the twin loop’s polished look is one of the leading factors that put it at the forefront of the financial and legal industries.

Since double loops can be cut using wire-cutters with ease in order to fit irregular documents, they are the best possible means of creating a calendar. With these models, the wire has to be cut into two pieces so that the notch, which is added to the calendar’s centre, is accommodated for.

At OM Binding Supplies our Renz original cut wire binding products come in a huge selection of both sizes and colours. The sizes range from 5.5mm up to 16.0mm, and colours include the likes of red, silver, blue, metallic gold and many others. If our products interest you and you’d like additional information, please do get in touch.

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