Ideal 0101 HDP Shredder

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The ideal solution for making discarded hard drives from personal computers, notebooks, printers and copiers unusable. At the touch of a button, the IDEAL 0101 HDP punches a hole completely through the hard drive, rendering the stored data unaccessible. The mechanical components, the PC board as well as the hard disc are damaged, which corresponds to security level H-3 of the DIN 66399 standard. Suitable for 3.5“ or 2.5“ hard drives (single feeding).

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Adjustable feed chute constructed of high quality steel. Handy slide lever for easy selection of hard drive size (3.5“ or 2.5“). Transparent safety flap on the feed chute made of unbreakable plastic. Punching die made from hardened, nickel plated steel. Sturdy steel endplate. LEDs for illuminating the feed chute during the punching process. Slider mechanism for unloading punching compartment. Destroyed hard drives drop into a sturdy plastic bin inside the cabinet. High-quality wooden cabinet with front opening door. SPS (Safety Protection System) safety package: electronically controlled, hinged safety flap for the feed opening; EASYSWITCH multifunction control element for start and stop indicates the operational status of the machine with varying colour codes and back-lit symbols; jam protection for punching die with automatic reverse; automatic stop after the punching process; weight sensor for automatic shut-off when the collection bin is full; electronic door protection via a magnetic proximity switch; double motor protection. Quiet and powerful single phase motor rated for continuous operation. Sturdy Twin Drive System with fully enclosed gear box housing. Mobile on castors.

Level P-2 6 mm strip cut
Level H-3 3,5˝ / 2,5˝ Hard Disks
Power 230 V / 50 Hz
Motor capacity 640 Watt single phase motor
Dimensions 850 x 495 x 470 mm
Weight 63 kg

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