PDC Crimping Pliers

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Once you have punched your document and spun the Coil onto the document, PDC Crimping pliers are the quick and simple way of cutting off the excess Coil and producing a perfect crimp at each end of the document.

Using PDC Coil Crimping Pliers is simple. Place your coiled document flat on a table. When you look at the pliers, you will see one side has a red dot and the other side doesn’t. With the red dot of the pliers facing the ceiling, position the pliers into the right hand side of the document with the cutting head in the centre of the coil.

Please remember that it is important where the cutters are positioned on the coil. Not too far down and not too far up, but into the centre of the coil or they will not crimp. Next just squeeze the handle. Then flip the book and repeat the procedure. The reason for flipping the book is that the crimping pliers only crimp in one direction.

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