Fastback Binding Strips

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  • Wide 300 per pack
  • Medium 400 per pack
  • Narrow 500 per pack

Fastback binding strips are ideal as it takes away the need to punch paper which is required on most other traditional punch & bind methods.

Fastback binding strips are available in a variety of colours and styles to suit your individual requirements. Fastback binding strips also use ‘tailor-fit technology’ – this means that the fastback strip’s spine will fit accurately to your document.

The fastback binding strips have the capacity to bind up to 350 sheets and is are available in narrow, medium and wide sizes.

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Fastback binding is 3.5x faster than traditional punch & bind methods, you simply take the whole document, place it in the binder and your bound document is produced in just 20 seconds. Our fastback strips are available in A4 and come in 4 colours.

We supply 3 sizes with a binding capacity up to 350 sheets

  • 4 Colours: Black, White, Navy and Dark Green
  • 3 sizes; Narrow Binds from 3 to 125 Sheets, Medium Binds from 126 to 250 Sheets and Wide Binds from 251 to 350 Sheets
  • 4 colour matching covers available in black, white, navy & dark green


  • Wide 300 per pack
  • Medium 400 per pack
  • Narrow 500 per pack

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15 Type


A4 Narrow, A4 Wide, A4 Medium


Black, White, Dark Blue, Dark Green