Renz Bindomatic 9000 Thermal Binding Machine

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The introduction of the Renz Bindomatic® 9000 sets a completely new market standard for document binding! The capacity to process and bind a document every two seconds is astonishing, but what truly sets it apart from all others is it’s superior work ow efficiency. Up to 60 documents can be loaded into the machine at one time, allowing you to work in parallel while simultaneously binding your documents. Thanks to its intuitive simplicity, ease of use and unrivaled binding speed, the new Bindomatic® 9000 is the ideal binding solution for volume-demanding print room environments as well as larger corporate walk-up print stations.

  • Binds up to 150 sheets
  • Digital document thickness measurement indicator makes sure the correct cover spine width is identified.
  • Load up to 60 documents per binding cycle (~60 sec) depending on the width of the spine
  • A4 as well as any document with spine maximum length of 297mm

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5mm to 15mm rnA6 rnA4 rnAutomatic rn3600 rn746 x W 645 x H 435 mm rn48 kg rn50 kg rn230V