A4 Heat Resistant Polyester Covers

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A4 Heat Resistant Polyester Covers. 175 micron.

A4 Heat resistant Polyester Fastback covers are specially formulated to not buckle or bend when bound using the Fastback thermal binding machines. The A4 Clear Polyester covers are supplied tissue interleaved between each sheet to prevent scratching that cannot be avoided with clear PVC covers. The anti static tissue interleave also makes them very easy to use during application

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  • Full range of Fastback Binding Covers
  • Clear Polyester Heat Resistant Covers
  • Composition Covers in all colours
  • Colour Match Boards in a wide choice of colours
  • Designed exclusively for the Fastback binding machine range
  • Fully compatible with all punching/binding machines
  • Clear Polyester compatible with any heat bind system
  • Large UK stock holding