A4 YouBind Binding Frame

A4 YouBind Binding Frame

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YouBind is a special comb-shaped label, that can easily and securely customise and bind documents with professional results. YouBind labels can be easily customised by using the YouBind Designer Printing Software and a laser or inkjet printer. Documents created with YouBind are safe and anti-counterfeiting. The adhesive part glues the back of the booklet preventing any possible replacement of its content without spoiling the document itself.

The innovative binding system ensures a strength which is comparable to the wire metal combs. It’s easy to get a perfectly bound and customized document by using the YouBind100 module; the
special accessory that, combined with an ordinary plastic comb binder, turns the normal binding into the innovative YouBind binding.

With YouBind you can bind up to 100 sheets.

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