VeloBind / SureBind Machines

  • SureBind System 1
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    System 1 – 10 Pin SureBind Machine

    The SureBind® System 1 Strip Binder is ideal for businesses that require documents to be securely bound. It has a full width handle for smooth, effortless punching and secure binding is achieved by welding two strips together to create a permanent spine. Combines a manual punch that takes up to 22 x 80gsm sheets with a powered binder which handles 200 sheets.

    £1,290.00 ex VAT
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    System 1 – 12 Pin VeloBind Machine

    Get professional looking VeloBind results with this all-in-one punch and bind system. The manual punch handle is convenient for right or left-handed use. The pressure bar and alignment guide hold documents (up to 1″ or 250 sheets) in place during electric finishing. VeloBind adds a smooth, book-like finish to your presentations by locking pages permanently in place without visible holes, tapes or fasteners.

    £1,200.00 ex VAT
  • SureBind System 2
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    System 2 – 10 Pin SureBind Machine

    Produces highly professional, impressive looking, flat, bound documents for moderate volume users. Provides page security and electric binding with push button controls. Jam prevention device avoids irritating jams.

    £2,000.00 ex VAT
  • VeloBind System 2
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    System 2 – 12 Pin VeloBind Machine

    Binding doesn’t get any simpler! The VeloBind System 2 is a moderate volume strip binding machine. This electric punch and bind system combines power with space efficiency and can securely bind documents up to 500 sheets (80gsm).

    £1,967.30 ex VAT
  • Velobind System 3 Pro
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    System 3 – 12 Pin VeloBind Machine

    The GBC VeloBind System 3 Pro delivers maximum productivity in a desktop strip binding system. Designed for moderate to high volume users, this heavy duty punch and bind system makes short work of large binding jobs, yet offers convenient features needed in a desktop unit. The automatic VeloBind technology ensures a secure, professional bind every time. The GBC Velobind System 3 Pro Electric Binding machine is the ultimate in VeloBind binding machines. With a heavy duty electric punch and a hot knife binding head capable of binding documents up to 3″ thick the Velobind System 3 Pro is perfect for almost any application. Simply stock three different types of VeloBind binding strips to bind any document from 3 to 750 sheets.

    £3,800.00 ex VAT
  • SureBind System 3 Pro
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    System 3 Pro – 10 Pin SureBind Machine

    The SureBind System 3 Pro is a high volume, high capacity strip binding machine. This heavy duty system easily punches and binds large documents. The pressure bar simply lifts up and returns to indicate when binding is complete and is adjustable for faster turnaround on smaller presentations. Punch more efficiently with your choice of push button, punch sensor or foot pedal operation. There is also an option to automatically de-bind documents if needed. This machine can bind securely documents up to 750 sheets

    £2,775.00 ex VAT